The GMHC is going virtual!

Join us for an unforgettable 25th anniversary of the Global Missions Health Conference: 13 & 14 November 2020

Many healthcare workers and students struggle to find their next step and learn the best practices involved with living out their calling.  That's why we created the GMHC 25 years ago and why we're shifting to one amazing virtual event this year.  When you engage in the GMHC, your heart is called to something greater, your skills are refined, and you find amazing connections to help you continue your journey.  

Our Four Core Promises to You

Promise #1: Experience of Renewal & Being Challenged

The GMHC offers a unique time of connection with other people that share a passion for healthcare missions. Our in-person event has always offered time for renewal and challenge, and our virtual event will do the same. You will walk away from this time together knowing you are not alone and ready to take the next step in mission.

Promise #2: Guided Connections with Personalized Resources

The virtual event will allow us to uniquely match you with the sessions, organizations, and mentors that most fit your needs. Because you don’t have to navigate a physical space, we can guide you directly to the most helpful resources.

Promise #3: World-Class Teaching & Best Practices

The GMHC offers some of the best Biblically-based teachings on healthcare missions that you will find, regardless of whether we have an event in person or virtually. Our committee works diligently to look through every submission, develop a framework, and ensure that every relevant topic is covered. Most importantly, they pray for you and all the speakers throughout the year.

Promise #4: Expanded Vision for God's Call in Your Life

When you come to the GMHC, we expect that you will walk away changed. It is not just the speakers, not just the worship, and not just the immersion experience. It is the way God speaks to you throughout your time and that won’t change with our virtual conference. We fully expect God to speak through every virtual experience you have during our time together.

This is going to be an entirely unique event

Without a doubt... sitting in front of a computer for two days has its challenges.  That's why we're making this so much more than something you sit and watch.  This is an experience that will engage you in so many ways, keep you involved, and certainly shift your ideas for what a virtual event can look like.

What am I going to get from this event?

What's it going to be like?

How do I make the most of it?

A message to exhibitors

A message to speakers

A message to students

Here's what you're going to get at this epic event

If you're anything like us, you want to know exactly what you're going to get.  So here you go... a list of some amazing takeaways from this year's GMHC.

Plenary & Breakout Sessions

Access to the four main plenary sessions (with worship) and over 150 breakout sessions.

Preparation Guide

A resource to help you prepare for the event... practically and spiritually.

Exhibitor Connections

Guided recommendations and connections to the most significant organizations in healthcare missions today.

Session Bundle

Immediate access to 100% of the plenary and breakout sessions following the GMHC.

NOTE: Content bundle can be purchased as a single product.


Full access after the event to the 4-part documentary "The History of Global Pandemics: The Church's Response" (small group curriculum).

NOTE: Documentary can be purchased as a single item.

Live Chat with Speakers

Engage realtime with speakers and other session participants.

Continuing Education

We plan to offer continuing education credit once all approvals are complete.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Access to over 100 organizations to help mobilize you to mission with ability to live-chat, enter a video room, schedule a 1:1 meeting, and share your contact info.

Live Event Access

Live access to a full two-day event.

25th Anniversary Elements

Special edition (twice the size) Elements Magazine with tons of new content and resources.  

NOTE: Printed Elements will be mailed to all registrants who register before September 15th.  PDF version emailed to all attendees.

BluePrint eCourse

Free access to the 10-part BluePrint eCourse created to help you find your next step in missions.

25th Anniversary T-Shirt

Special edition t-shirt for GMHC registrants.  

NOTE: Limited to all registrants who register before September 15th - shirt will be mailed to US locations only.

1:1 Meetings with Exhibitors

Schedule one-on-one meetings with exhibiting organizations.  

Win Sweet Gear

Have a chance to win some great gear for your next mission trip.

What's special for students?

The GMHC has always been a great gathering place for students.  We are committed to helping you connect and explore where the Lord is calling you.  Here are a few unique things we're offering just to students.  

Additional Event Access

Students will have access to two additional events.  The first is a student webinar leading up to the GMHC to help students build a plan for getting the most out of the event.  The second is a follow-up webinar unpacking the 10 most common questions students ask.

Connection Coaching

Students will have the opportunity to schedule one on one coaching calls with a team of trained individuals to help them explore their next steps and give recommended resources for their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I've already registered?

No problem!  You actually do not need to do anything! All attendee’s who previously registered will have their registration transferred to the virtual event and the difference in cost refunded. Our team will be reaching out to refund the difference of the ticket cost but you're all set. 


Will the GMHC do a virtual event in the future?

You bet!  But our plan in 2021 is to do both a live and virtual event. We're praying all goes well in the world and that circumstances allow us to connect again in person.  


Is this worth my time and investment?

Absolutely!  As you can see in the list above, there's a lot you're going to get from this event.  More so... we gather together each November as an encouragement and catalyst to help us all move forward.  There are many great connections and lessons to learn but also a time, much needed by us all, to stop, rest, reflect, and be encouraged.  So yes, you absolutely should attend this year.  We're confident this will be a treasure for everyone.  


How are you going to help me make meaningful connections?

That's a great question!  First, your experience in the virtual exhibit hall will guide you to personalized recommendations and quick visibility to see how you match each organization.  You'll have the chance to jump into a video chat room, private live-chat session, or set up a one on one meeting.  Breakout sessions recommendations will be provided as well based on your profile.  The GMHC will also provide you connections to other attendees pursuing similar specifics so you can learn from others on a similar path.  At every turn, we are working to help guide you and provide meaningful connections. 

Is the schedule the same as other years?

No, we're changing a few things.  The event will run from 9a to 9p EST both Friday and Saturday.  This will allow for more individuals who have class and work to access more of the event on the weekend.‚Äč


What about Hands-On Sessions?

Currently, we are not planning to host any hands-on sessions but we'll keep you posted if that changes.


Why is the GMHC going virtual?

This could be a long answer but we'll keep it short.  Simple answer is... for everyone's safety.  The trends on COVID-19 have been unpredictable coupled with various perspectives on personal response.  We realize the GMHC brings together people from all over the world (requiring travel) to a central place to talk about healthcare missions (a community of highly engaged individuals in COVID-19 response) to a church where many attendees stay in homes of church members.  The variables are high.  So wisdom is leading us to this decision while confidence and excitement are leading us to the design of a great virtual event.  


I'm an exhibitor, how do I learn more?

We have a dedicated page just for you.  Come and see all the great resources we've created and we're hosting for you to have an excellent GMHC experience.  


Where and when can I access event content?

With your registration, you can access all of the content during the GMHC but you'll also have immediate access to all of the content after the GMHC.  You will have indefinite access to the content.

Brought to you by some amazing organizations

Going Virtual Announcement Message

Drum roll… yes, we’re going virtual for the 25th anniversary of the Global Missions Health Conference.  This has been a long and difficult decision for us but it’s the decision we feel is wise and made with tremendous prayer and a desire for the health and safety of everyone involved.  Why has this been such a difficult decision?  Well, we love getting together in person and will miss that opportunity this year.  But seeing each other in person is not our primary purpose… mobilizing people into healthcare mission is our purpose and we’re committed to that goal.