GMHC 2021 COVID Policy

Updated: 27 September 2021


We understand that COVID and the vaccination can be an extremely divisive issue.  Our desire and approach is to advocate for unity in order to mobilize people into healthcare missions.  That said, here is our approach for the 2021 Global Missions Health Conference.  


Why It Matters

Before we dive into any policies for how we will approach COVID, social distancing, masks, etc. - let’s pause for a moment to focus on why this matters to us (and why it should matter to you).  We gather together because we believe the Lord has a place for us and our skills as healthcare professionals to love and serve others.  That’s the secret right there… to love and serve others.  And so, our approach in all of this is to make decisions that love and serve you well and set you up for success as you leave the GMHC. 


CDC and Local Guidelines

The Global Missions Health Conference and Southeast Christian Church will be adhering to local guidelines (Kentucky) and CDC guidelines as pertains to large gatherings.  These guidelines are subject to change so stay posted for any updates in our policy and approach.  The CDC has issued guidelines for events that can be accessed here.


Your Personal Discretion to Attend

It is at your personal discretion to attend or not attend the GMHC.  Our desire is to welcome you and invite you to this event.  We believe that gathering together in person is a powerful thing and helps the overall movement continue to flourish.  But we also respect your desire to pass from attending a large gathering.  


Two Ways to Attend

The GMHC 2021 will be hosted both live (in person) and virtually this year.  The live event is obviously a more immersive experience and will have access to all aspects of the GMHC. The virtual event will primarily offer plenary sessions and selected breakout sessions.  Both tickets will offer a digital bundle to access all content post-GMHC.  


Feeling Sick?

We do request that both individuals/parties not attend the GMHC if they have had COVID in the two weeks prior to the GMHC or have been in contact with someone who has had COVID in the two weeks prior to the GMHC.  Medical professionals please note: If you have had exposure to a patient with Covid-19, and have worn the proper PPE during exposure, this exempts you from the above request. If however, you have had exposure in a non-healthcare setting, without PPE, please use discretion and follow CDC guidelines for testing/quarantine after exposure. If there is any doubt or concern, please respect the well-being of others and not attend the GMHC.



Currently, the GMHC will be REQUIRING masks to be worn by GMHC attendees during the GMHC.  Again, another difficult subject but here’s our approach. This is a healthcare conference for healthcare professionals.  Our desire is to keep you well and safe. Our approach is to use the healthcare facility as our baseline for building masks and other safety measures.  So basically, you are required to wear a mask in a healthcare facility so we’re requesting the same at the GMHC.  The GMHC will be providing masks for all attendees as part of your registration packet or you are welcome to bring your own.  You may find this article interesting as a case for wearing masks from the Gospel Coalition.  


COVID-19 Testing

GMHC/Southeast Christian church will not ask for proof of a negative Covid-19 test prior to attendance. We are asking all attendees to please respect the well-being of others and not attend the conference if they have recently tested positive for Covid-19 prior to the conference dates and/or have had exposure to COVID-19 without PPE. GMHC will not be providing onsite Covid-19 testing. We ask that you make arrangements outside of the conference to obtain a Covid-19 test if your employer or organization requires a negative test prior to returning from the conference. Our team cannot book Covid-19 testing appointments on any attendee's behalf.  Please also note that GMHC/Southeast Christian Church are not responsible for any costs incurred by attendees for Covid-10 testing prior to or after the conference. 


Physical Distancing

Currently, we will be doing our best to create environments for proper physical distancing in the event areas, halls, and seating.  This may be more difficult in some areas than others so we ask for your assistance to practice proper distancing.  Should local and federal guidelines change, our policy will change.  And to note… we prefer to call this “physical distancing” as our goal is still to provide excellent social interactions together.  


Sanitation and Cleaning

The Global Missions Health Conference will be providing numerous hand sanitation stations and will be encouraging the use of hand sanitizer and thorough washing of hands.  Professional cleaning crews will clean the various GMHC used areas of the GMHC before the event, during, and after the event.  Frequent hand washing is strongly encouraged as well.


Host Housing

Students and missionaries requesting host housing will be requested to show validation of vaccination or a negative COVID test within three days of their arrival to the GMHC.  


Thursday Night Service

The GMHC is a ministry of Southeast Christian Church and is hosted at the Blankenbaker campus.  Other Southeast events (including Thursday night worship service) are occurring at the same time as the GMHC.  Be aware… Southeast may have different policies and recommendations for church members and church events than the GMHC.  For example, Southeast may not require masks for the service Thursday evening so don’t be shocked!


Cancelation of Event

In the unlikely event where the GMHC is required to cancel the live event, the virtual event will still occur.  Live tickets will be converted to virtual tickets and refunds of the cost difference will be issued.  No full refunds will be given.  Our deep desire is that we do host a live event this year and every effort is being made to make that happen and to make that happen with everyone’s safety in mind.