I served on the Global Health Outreach mission trip to El Salvador in June 2018. Our goal was to provide free dental care and share the Gospel to people in an underserved area, as well as promote a new church plant.  I went on this trip to love and care for the people of El Salvador, but they showed me more love than I could have ever given. Upon arrival I received more hugs than my whole life combined. I met people who worked hard and served humbly. I made lifelong friendships with students in another country, who even though we had a language barrier, we loved the Lord and encouraged each other in our faith. The pastor of the church we worked with has the strongest faith of anyone I know. While his wife is suffering with ALS, they continue to praise God in every situation. Even when she cannot speak, and her body does not work like it used to, she is still able to pray and shout praise to God. They had such an intimate relationship with God, you could feel His presence in their home. While worshipping in their home in both English and Spanish the power of God was so evident. I will never forget the example they set for me. I witnessed the most genuine worship I have seen. I was challenged to be open with my testimony, pray over every patient that I treated, and form relationships with students that have continued even after arriving home. Soon after coming home I started working in the clinic at my school, seeing my first patients in my future career of dentistry. My experience in El Salvador has shaped the way I serve here in America. I have prayed for each patient before I met them and have been given the opportunity to pray with my patients here, and see God answer their prayers. The opportunity to go to El Salvador gave me the boldness to share what God has done for me with the people in my life. God has given me confirmation and confidence in the job that I am beginning. He has shown me how He can use dentistry to spread His name and serve Him daily. I have a desire to use dentistry as a ministry full- time, in whatever capacity that may look like. I will go forward with a new confidence in my ability to treat patients and impact lives.

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