A God-Given Destiny!


In 2009 my husband, Darren, son, McKenna and I began our journey of volunteering with Clinica Esperanza in Roatan, Honduras. One of the favorite parts of this experience has been to spend time with our medical students and residents volunteers. We have built many lasting relationships that continue to be a blessing to our lives as well as to the clinic.


We have been involved in many aspects of the clinic as our roles have grown over the years. Darren is currently on the board of directors and works in other capacities as needed. McKenna is involved in teaching ACLS and prehospital care to our staff and other medical professionals. My role has also evolved over the last 10 plus years. I am currently working as volunteer/development coordinator as well as assisting with marketing and communication. This has become a full time volunteer position and God has blessed me so that I am able to continue this as my mission and allows me to spend several months a year on the island.


Clinica Esperanza provides an International Medical Spanish Rotation to students and residents who wish to experience healthcare in a resource poor environment. Spanish is a big help but not a necessity as most of our staff are bilingual. The fees paid by these volunteers are part of our sustainability plan and are a vital part of our annual budget. We in turn seek to provide a great learning experience that is many times life changing for our volunteers. 


One of the needs we currently have for our volunteer program is a US certified MD who would be willing to become part of our clinic as a missionary in order to expand our resident program and to work alongside our young Honduran doctors. This person could be retired or an experienced Christian physician who feels called by God to missions in a foreign country. We would like a 1 to 3 year commitment, if possible. 


We also welcome medical professionals and others who wish to be a part of our clinic and desire to contribute their time, talents and resources to help us better care for our patients. God has blessed us with many who come to assist in different capacities. For this we are eternally grateful. 


I am excited about the future of the clinic and it’s provision of quality healthcare as well as the experience others will have as they come to know and love our clinic the way my family has. If you would like to know more please reach out to me at susie@clinicaesperanza.org. I look forward to hearing from you.


Praying God will stir your heart and make His divine destiny known to you as He has to us. It truly is greater than anything we could have ever imagined or asked. We find ourselves today living in Ephesians 3:20 as many years ago Darren and I made our life verse Matthew 6:33. These two scriptures are truly connected and life changing.


May God bless and guide you in all you do.


Susie Hall



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