I am always been impressed with Dr and Nurses. And the wonderful Medical Missions Conference highlights their work. But I met a secret group within M.M. that no may know about; Builders of Hospitals and Clinics.

Retired Christian Architects attend M.M. Conferences. They are advised by surgical nurses; how to set up a surgery center and by hospital managers on how to set up waiting centers. In addition they design schools, churches and dormitories. I am a structural engineer, so they were happy to have me join their little group.

In Mauritania, 5% of the population are slaves. It is punishable by death, to be a Christian. Yet an intrepid American woman started a GYN/OB practice. (a member of M.M.)  In short order she saved the wife of an important official. They decreed they would build her a surgery center. Samaritans Purse said they do not equip Hospitals in Muslim Countries but in her case they made an exception.

We designed a hospital with double walls to reduce the heat load. I was blessed to meet and help a number of architects at the M.M. Conferences. I can work off the architect's drawings. It is a great honor. I am retired also. 

One beloved architect (that goes to M,M) went to Central America to design a hospital and school. While there he ate unclean food. He caught Hep C and became very sick. When he went back to the hospital to check on their progress, he was walking and praying. His body got very hot. His symptoms went away. When he returned to the states he was tested and had no Hep C. 

I wrote about a hospital I redesigned in Haiti and saved $250,000 ( in M.M. Stories). A Haitian Nurse living in Florida named Rev Leo Franco. He read my story, contacted me and the attached pictures are the result. This was their 2019 Easter Celebration. There is still no roof but he just received drawings on how to finish it.

Leo is a wonderful man. His sister was dying so his parents secretly visited the Voodoo Dr. After the huge payment, his parents were told to kill one of their 3 sons and their sister would live. His family started seeking God instead. He was raised by a white America missionary. By the time he was 10 he was giving short messages. After college the Voodoo Dr wanted him out of the area. The Dr would throw heavy things on Leo's roof, at midnight. Then one night a panther was up in the ceiling preparing to jump down on Leo. He prayed, the panther disappeared. After that the witch Dr left town. 

Leo spent 10 years in the USA as a LPN and raising money. He supported another minister to run their open air  church. Now he is hoping to get an American group of Dr/Dentists/Nurses to come down for a week. 


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