John McVay


Building A Plan for Missions

This session is for those considering full-time missions – internationally and/or in the US. Hear healthcare missionaries share their own journeys and answers to five key questions: What if my spouse or potential spouse, family or friends are not supportive of me doing missions? How can I be missional now? What about student loans, raising financial support? How do I find God’s guidance in the journey? Why and how do I connect with a mentor or agency or team or training? The last hour will be spent in a discussion group with a missionary coach. You may select a group that fits your current stage on the journey: Exploring whether or not to consider full-time missions Heading towards full-time missions with where, etc. to be decided Planning towards full-time missions with a focus already in view And also whether you are: Single Married and no children Married with children Discover hope, learn key resources, meet others, and take steps on the journey to full-time missions.


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  • melvin norris

    melvin norris

    it is simply not eating that sustains the physical life but what one eat. we are mandated by our Lord Jesus Christ to care for those who are in need. we must propagate the God"s message to the lost souls whether be it in the desert or any where else in this world. that is is the mandate our Lord give us. the Gospel need to be preached .