Barry Ewy


Sourcing Safe Medicine for Missions

This session will cover the topic of sourcing medicines for missions. We will discuss the following: counterfeit medication, substandard medication, risks and benefits of obtaining medication in the united states and transporting it overseas versus obtaining the medication in developing nations, how to source medications that will be used in developing nations.


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  • David Hopper

    David Hopper

    I recommend MEDS in Nairobi. I went to their headquarters and had the grand tour of all of the facilities to check them out last year. They seem to be a quality operation, trying to use inexpensive international medications they have done qc on. I have used them for 15 years in traveling to South Sudan, and have felt good about product and services. Finally I decided to go by and check them out just to be if I was getting the quality I thought I was. I was impressed.--David Hopper MD, Greensboro




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