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New Series on You Version- Monday Matters: "Find God in Your Workplace"

'Called to Business' has just introduced a new series on YouVersion called - " Monday Matters: Find God in Your Workplace." This new devotion has much  to teach us as believers including  the importance of that pesky day after Sunday... Monday

The day that comes after church, after dinner, that beloved Monday morning. We as believers and marketplace workers should seek to validate what Mondays and work in general teach us. 

“We encourage and equip Christians to be effective at work.”

A motto Mark Bilton, the founder of Called to Business truly values. "We provide resources, mentors,training sessions, and more to enable Christians in the marketplace to realize their God given potential." Another incredible feature within the series , are sessions given to  'follow up' in a sense with the devotion for the day. Each session is around 20 minutes long and are relevant in showing God's people how to be better workers for His kingdom. 

" These lessons have been mined from real world commercial experience. Author Mark Bilton has walked with God and seen Him open doors that have taken him from the shop floor to the boardroom; from sales assistant to CEO."

Be sure to add this  new series to your 'my plans' today on the You Version/ Bible app! 



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