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AAMC on : How to Succeed in Med School

The Association of American Medical Colleges paints a rather survivalistic approach as to how to get through medical school. Below are the 'highlights' of those tips and how to use your incredible specific medical field gift from the Lord in the workplace. 

1. Attend all the orientation programming- Seems like common sense, right? 

2. Identify and build relationships with mentors- Also amazing advice, what better way to get acclimated than someone who has already done exactly what you're doing and give you some much needed insight.

3. Take an active role in your learning experience- While it may seem as though you are drowning for lack of better words, you may feel less like this by inserting yourself fully into the program via getting to know others, not just submersing yourself in the work aspect of it.

4. Foster a team environment- Also very key in the medical field, teamwork. 

5. Take care of your physical and mental health- So important, possibly one of the most important on this list!

This is only half of the list, click below for the rest, on how to survive med. school! Comment below with any worries you had/ have entering your new program or some tips you'd give yourself and others reflecting back on this process- 


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