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The importance of White Space and what it isn't-

What is WhiteSpace- 

Juliet Funt gave an amazing talk at a Global Leaders Summit and even included a free link to help fellow teams in the business world conquer their what she calls, 'white space.' She goes on to mention what white space is not... it is not the wandering of the mind nor is it meditation, she says that it instead has no rules at all. White space gives your mind the freedom to indulge on a time period to which their is no schedule, whether it be several seconds or half an hour, white space is key to long term success and sanity. Funt often mentions that with the use of 'white space' in the workplace not only will these environments be healthier, but so will the employees themselves.  With comedy and a warm heart for genuine peace and productivity balanced in the workplace, Juliet gives the audience real hope to our everyday jam packed busy work lives.

Some Topics Juliet focuses on - 

"Our Time is Under Attack"

"WhiteSpace is the time for which you have no plans and no predetermined agenda"

 "WhiteSpace is freedom for the mind"

"For many of us, email has become a major source of frustration"


Check out her video below, and comment with some ways 'white space' throughout your work day has helped you! 






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