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What if : My parents don't want me to go into ministry or participate in missions in general?

 God has called all of His people to tell others of Him. Parents who do not understand their child's need/ want for the Lord must struggle through that and hopefully with the amazing sovereignty of God, with time they will begin to understand and believe. This sort of 'issue' can manifest itself in many different ways:

There is the parent that worries-

They may want you to be sent  out, but would rather you spread the Gospel closer to home. In reality they are beyond scared to not have control of their child in an unknown place boldly sharing the Gospel. This is a very radical, very exciting thing, but try and understand from their point of view they may be absolutely terrified. 

The parent (s) that are not believers themselves-

and  maybe don't  understand why you are pursuing a career that may not leave you as financially independent as they would have hoped.  Those you are closest to will not fully understand what you are doing until they have that fire in their belly to share of God's great work and to know the grave importance of doing so. That we have a burden to bear to save nations and let Gods people know of Him. The beauty of all of this ? There is not a burden to save them, but rather let them know of THE savior. God does the rest, just bring as many people as you can to Him. But also know that not everyone will want to go, we are humans that inherently run from the amazingness of the truth of our Salvation. So be patient in this and patient with your parents.

Pray diligently for your parents-

Pray that God will soften their hearts to understand the why behind you going to serve in missions or live a life missionally for God.  

Start Small-

Starting 'small' may look like going on a short missions trip to get them acquainted with the fact that this may be something you really want to pursue. This 'small' step can also help solidify what you want to do with God's great commission. Regardless, God calls us, EVERYONE to tell others about His greatness, you just have to decide in what way do you want God to work through your passions to do so? Is God calling  you to be a doctor, a social worker, an art teacher, a professor, a culinary chef and share your delicious food at a table full of non believers and believers alike? 

Listen to your calling, respect your parents but respect the Lords wants for your life. God knows beyond our wildest dreams what is ahead, so don't just wait to be sent- just go!


~Comment below on some of your favorite mission trips, or ones you would like to go on soon! If you need prayer for your parents understanding please comment with a "P" ~


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