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First 30 Daze: Practical Encouragement for Living Abroad Intentionally - Larry & Susan McCrary

You are moving overseas. New job. New house. New culture. New friends. Where do you start!?

Larry & Susan McCrary tackle those aspects of living abroad that can be so daunting for a first move. After traveling and living in multiple U.S. cities and across Europe, they know the importance of starting in a new place well. 

Book Summary:

As followers of Jesus, wherever we live or travel, our goal is to live out our faith in a different culture. It does not matter if you are a full-time vocational Christian worker, an international company employee, a student studying abroad, or a person who simply wants to live and work in another country—the first 30 days matter! The sooner that you can get out the door, learn the culture, meet people, build relationships, and discover what God has in store for you, the sooner you will feel at home and love your new environment. Thirty topics and Scripture verses are introduced as well as practical ways to apply what you’ve learned each day through a simple but fun application assignment. You may want to use the book as an individual devotional, with your family, or with a group. Regardless, it is short and practical so that you have plenty of time to get out and enjoy your new home.

Get your copy at the link below and be sure to purchase one for a friend on the move too! 



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