Karen Carr

Karen Carr


How medical missionaries can be resilient in the midst of trauma and stress

Drawing principles from psychological research and Christian scriptures, this workshop will explore factors of resilience for those working in high risk, high stress cross-cultural work. Participants will discover what enhances resilience and what contributes to decreased coping. The workshop will introduce practical resources for responding to stress and trauma with resilience, grace, and perseverance.


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  • Faith Teague

    Faith Teague

    Hello Karen Carr, I would really love to get the handouts you had for this class and share it with others in my organization. Is there a place I can find those? Or can you email me an electronic copy? This is is a very important topic! Thank you!
  • Marie Lang

    Marie Lang

    The member care team that I serve with would also benefit from these notes, can I get them electronically? Thank you!




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