Bruce Dahlman

Bruce Dahlman


Better Clinical Decisions at the Point of Patient Care

Sub-Saharan African clinicians largely practice in an information-poor and resource-constrained environment. Typical textbooks, lab coat handbooks, computer and internet-based forms of relevant clinical information all have significant limitations, many unique to the typical rural African health facility. Basing health information and clinical decision support tools on the ubiquitous smart phone holds promise of combining high portability, high security and a large amount of available information at the point of patient care where patient care prompts questions by the clinician to make the best informed, evidence-based decision. Participants will reflect on their current resource solutions, their strengths and limitations for support of clinical care and education. The Digital African Health Library is highlighted as one Africa-centric resource that is now incorporating “hyper-relevant”, country-specific Ministry of Health based resources along with "best of category" resources into an integrated, single search platform for off-line use on iOS or Android devices.


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  • Jeffrey Miller

    Jeffrey Miller

    This is completely relevant for the areas of experience that I hope to use in the future for ministry. Do you find any need for clinical decision support for giving vaccines? (The CDC has a CDSI initiative, but I'm unaware of global applicability at this time.)