Healthcare Missions Preparation Roadmap

High School
High School

High school students developing a heart for healthcare missions


Pre-med and all other
undergraduate programs

Grad School

Medical school and all other advanced healthcare education

Post Graduate

All certified healthcare professionals, residents, fellows, etc.

Develop a heart for healthcare missions...

You can be preparing your heart and mind for healthcare missions. Start by finding the right school, meet a missionary, and do some reading!

  • Find a mentor in your local community who is engaged in short term healthcare missions
  • Take a short term trip domestically with your church to start building your local awareness
  • Develop your personal prayer and devotion life with Christ
  • Get to know a missionary through Facebook or email and start asking questions
  • Send a missionary a care package to help encourage them on the field
  • Volunteer with the missions group at your local church

Find Opportunities to Serve in this Stage of Preparation: High School

Short Term         Mid Term         Long Term

You're on your way...

Now is the time to get intentional about developing habits and relationships that will help prepare you for healthcare missions.

  • Build a strong personal prayer and devotional lifestyle and habit
  • Pray through Operation World
  • Join or form a group of like-minded students with a heart for missions
  • Volunteer with a local churches missions program or a local missions organization
  • Be intentional about avoiding debt
  • Complete Perspectives
  • Participate in a short-term trip over summer break
  • Pray through God's call for you in being married and pray for your future spouse

Find Opportunities to Serve in this Stage of Preparation: Undergraduate

Short Term         Mid Term         Long Term

Further your potential...

Now is the time to specialize and set the groundwork for working in healthcare missions. Get involved in local clinics, go on short-term trips, and beginning disciplining someone younger.

  • Maintain strong prayer and devotional life and help disciple a high school student's devotional life
  • Set other habits of disciplining someone younger interested in missions
  • Consider a summer-long internship in some type of healthcare missions
  • Continue praying through where God would have you serve
  • Develop friendships with missionaries on the field to help you navigate your calling
  • Volunteer in a local domestic healthcare clinic

Find Opportunities to Serve in this Stage of Preparation: Grad School

Short Term         Mid Term         Long Term

Lead the way...

Continue to learn, connect, and grow. Find ways that you can serve and lead the way for the future of healthcare missions.

  • Disciple others in their prayer and devotional life
  • Pray through who the Lord would have you personally invest in and disciple
  • Support missions through your church and support of a missionary
  • Organize monthly prayer groups for healthcare missions and local awareness
  • Participate in CMDA's local groups and membership
  • Attend the annual CCHF and GMHC conferences
  • Research missions sending agencies
  • Take a leadership role in your church or help lead a missions trip
  • Find continued education courses that focus on the underserved
  • Participate in CMDA's pre-field orientation course Completing Your
  • Volunteer in a local healthcare clinic
  • Complete Perspectives
  • Read Jesus MD by Dave Stevens, MD
  • Read Preach and Heal by Charles Fielding, MD
  • Take courses on personal finance, marriage, etc.

Find Opportunities to Serve in this Stage of Preparation: Post Graduate

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