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Poet Maya Angelou once said, “As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul, and body of our patients, their families, and ourselves. They may not remember your name, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.” 

How would you like to use your expertise as a nurse to make an impact on eternity? 

As a supported* registered nurse, you would provide quality medical care to SIL members and employees to help further the work of Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea. 

Today, over 2000 people groups, 170 million people, still don’t have the Bible translated into their languages! Wycliffe USA believes the Word of God can transform lives when people hear it in their own language or form, and we urgently need you to join the team!

Job Location: Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea

Want to work in a different location? Wycliffe USA has many open positions located in Africa, Americas and the Pacific! Even though this job is located overseas, you must be legally authorized to work in the United States as per U.S. employment laws.

Every day is worthwhile! Your responsibilities would include:

Bringing patients to exam rooms, ensuring patient charts have adequate paperwork, helping the physician to move efficiently and stay on time, and chaperoning for doctors of other gender when needed. 

Completing the assessment portions of the medical consultation and/or physical exam for all ages as needed (including pilot physicals, well baby/child check-ups, pre-natal check-ups, and pre-university physicals).

Carrying out physician orders which may include giving immunizations, performing ECGs, filling prescriptions, giving nebulizer treatments, giving injectable medications, and fitting crutches and teaching proper crutch walking. 

Assisting the physician with gynecological exams, casting, surgical procedures, IV therapy, blood drawing, and urinary catheterization of children.

Helping to maintain antiseptic conditions and orderliness in all areas of the clinic.

Assisting in other areas of the clinic when necessary, which may include the pharmacy and lab and UHC.

Managing equipment, stocking, and keeping supplies up to date in treatment rooms and medevac bags

Staying aware of current medical trends through reading, personal study, and clinic teaching in order to upgrade medical skills.


This job might be for you if…

You demonstrate the desire and ability to support corporate Biblical and religious goals and participate in regular work-related spiritual activities without reservation (Spiritual Bona Fide Occupational Qualification)

You are a graduate of an accredited school of nursing.

You have at least three years of practical nursing experience.

You’re currently licensed in your home country. 

You’re licensed in Papua New Guinea (Licensing in the country is provisional for the first year).

You’re fluent in written and spoken English.

You work well on a team.

You’re flexible and willing to learn. 

You’re able to, with sensitivity, relate and communicate cross-culturally. 


Learn more about the Ukarumpa Clinic


Supported staff (missionaries) with Wycliffe Bible Translators USA are members of a faith-based organization. If you become a member, you will receive extensive training and helpful tools to raise a team of prayer and financial partners in ministry; the gifts given to the preference of your ministry account provide for your salary, benefits and ministry-related expenses.

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