Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention

The CDC is a great resource for medical missions with up-to-date information on many key areas, including...

Vaccines, Medicines, and Travel Safety

The CDC Travelers’ Health page is the go-to resource for accurate information on current health warnings around the world. With information for both Travelers and Clinicians, you can specify your country of interest and see all the recommended vaccines needed to travel to that country.

There are also helpful links to find clinics, a disease directory, and even a RSS feed subscription to receive automatic updates from the CDC.

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Diseases and Conditions

The CDC has put together an amazing directory of diseases and conditions that can be found through either the Popular Health Topics section or a full alphabetical list. Each disease/condition has its own dedicated section with a vast amount of information covering the basics, prevention, funding, research, and many other topics.

The list is constantly being updated and refined, and you can subscribe to updates for a particular disease or condition to stay informed as you plan your missions journey.

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Emergency Preparedness & Response

As medical missionaries, we are often needed most in times of emergency and disaster. The CDC has put together a fantastic resource that covers multiple types of emergency situations, from an outbreak to a natural disaster, and how to prepare for each of these emergencies.

Take a step-by-step look through these situations, and how to prepare before, during, and after each one with the helpful information from the experts at the CDC.

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The 2016 Yellow Book

CDC Health Information for International Travel (commonly called the Yellow Book) is published every two years as a reference for those who advise international travelers about health risks. The Yellow Book is written primarily for health professionals, but is a useful resource for anyone interested in healthy international travel.

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CDC Contact Information

Please contact the CDC directly with any questions you may have about your upcoming missions opportunities and travel itinerary.

Phone: 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)
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