• As a speaker, you are registered (Free!) for the conference and have access to the entire conference both during and after.

  • This year’s conference will be held entirely on the MedicalMissions.com platform. The conference itself will be accessed through MedicalMissions.com and all live chat, PowerPoint presentations, and plenaries will be accessed there. 

  • As a speaker, you are expected to be available during your breakout session. You can find your session times HERE. During your session time, your pre-recorded video presentation will show, and you will be available during and after the presentation for live chat (text only) with the attendees.

    • You can also access your personal session information using the instructions below


24 hours before the event, the virtual event access opens up on MedicalMissions.com. You will be able to navigate the virtual event space and see what it looks like.

(There will be NO beta testing)

The chat and breakout session pre-loaded video will be available 5 minutes before each session starts. You do not need a link to access your breakout session - you will be able to see it on the event page of MedicalMissions.com

Step by Step Guides

1. Updating Your Breakout Session Information

Step 1 - Log In & Access Account

Start by logging into your account and then accessing Mission Control from the photo in the top right of your page.

Step 2 - Find Your Session

Now you are looking at your personal dashboard.  Look for the area displaying "Events you are speaking at" and then locate your session.  Once you have found your session, click "Update Session Info".

Step 3 - Review & Edit

Next you will view a summary page for your session with an option to view the public page (what attendees can see) and an edit option.  Click the edit option to load additional files and change your tags.

Step 4 - Upload Files & Edit Tags

The next page will give you the options to upload files (such as your PowerPoint deck, research, PDFs, or any other supplemental data).  

You can also update the tags for which your session has an application - just keep this selection to around 20 total as an oversaturation of selection actually reduces system matches.

NOTE: Please do not update your session abstract and objectives at this time - those have already been submitted, reviewed, and finalized.

Step 5 - Review of Public Page

It's always good practice to go back and review your session page after your edits to make sure all looks correct.  You can get back to the edit page from this page if needed.

2. Accessing Your Session

Step 1 - Enter Sessions Area

After you've signed into the event, look for Breakout Sessions in the left navigation for the event.

Step 2 - Find Your Sessions

Find your session in the directory using the search and sort tools.

3. Managing Event Live-Chat

Step 1 - Entering Your Session

It's really simple, you just need to access your session just like any other event attendee.  Your session will start automatically at the designated time.  

Step 2 - Live-Chat

Join in the live-chat just like everyone else.  The system knows who you are so it will automatically notate you as the speaker.  Here are some tips:

  • Announce yourself when you enter the session.  Something like, "Hey everyone, it's me, Suzie.  I'm your presenter today and excited to be with you to help answer questions." 
  • Ask questions throughout to keep people engaged as you all listen to your session.
  • Know that you have moderator tools so if you need to remove a comment or block someone you can.  We don't anticipate that being a problem but always good to know you have those tools.

4. Engaging After the GMHC

Check out ways to stay engaged post GMHC on our main speaker support page.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. If I'm having trouble during the conference, who can I contact?

2. Can I live chat while my session is playing?

3. Will we have the ability to break attendees into small groups?

4. Is it video chat, or just text?

5. If I am part of an exhibit booth, can I direct people to our booth to check it out?